Expected Closure of all Schools in Nov 2020 in All Over Pakistan due to Covid-19

Coronavirus has created a disruption in the formal education system and will continue to have substantial effects. Despite the safety measures that the schools have in place, there has been a spike in positive cases of the virus, meaning the possibility of the second wave of the corona in Pakistan

To help curb the spread of this virus,  the Federal Minister for education, Shafqat Mahmood, has called a special meeting scheduled on 16, November to discuss the possibility of closure of all schools, universities, and other educational institutions. Federal Minister for Planning, Asad Umar, has also recommended early and extended winter holidays for schools. 

This has left thousands of students all over Pakistan with nowhere to study. School closures, on one hand, are effective in controlling the spread of the virus, but they also have serious consequences on learning. 

Fortunately, these crises have encouraged innovation within the education sector to support it. Due to covid-19, there has been a significant surge in digital platforms, Online learning has been made sustainable and there has been a massive shift from traditional ways of learning to e-learning. Now global investments in online education are expected to reach $350 Billion by 2025. The world is entering a new era and it’s the revolution of online education. 

The rise in online education is largely due to its low cost, convenience and accessibility as compared to traditional learning. It is highly convenient as people don’t have to sacrifice their time to commute or be stuck in traffic and students can learn at their own pace through recorded lectures. 

Education Solution in Pakistan during Covid-19

This pandemic has changed education, forever. Asatza.com has also introduced online classes all over Pakistan to compensate for the educational loss of students during the pandemic. We are committed to finding the right match between our trained tutors and students; students regardless of their level are connected to expert teachers in whatever subjects you need help in.

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